The second season of the tv series 'El Presidente: Corruption Game' will premiere on November 4 on Prime Video.
The second season of 'El Presidente: Corruption Game' will premiere Nov. 4 on Prime Video.

Season 2 of 'El Presidente': A satire on corruption in South American soccer

Season 2 of the Brazilian series, which portrays corruption in the world of soccer featuring Latino actors, will premiere on Nov. 4 on Prime.


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Season 1 of El Presidente: The Game of Corruption officially premiered in 2020 with eight episodes. Less than a month before the World Cup begins in Qatar, Prime Video has released the trailer for season 2 of the series.

The show, which was nominated for an international Emmy for Best Drama Series, stars the Portuguese actor Albano Jerónimo, Brazilians Eduardo Moscovis and Maria Fernanda Cândido, and Colombian Andrés Parra.

El Presidente: The Game of Corruption follows the line of critical satire on corruption within the world of football and shows the origins of FIFA's transformation: from being an organization that governs the king of sports worldwide to becoming a an organism that concentrates unlimited commercial and political power.

At the center of the story is the former president of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Jean-Marie Faustin Goedefroid de Havelange, better known as João Havelange (1916-2016), the Brazilian who held the position leaving aside European soccer leaders and maintained control of the world's top organization for almost three decades.

With a high dose of humor and irony, the Prime Video series reveals everything that the ultra-powerful Brazilian businessman possibly won, lost, stole, bet, and how he managed to transform the game into a money-making machine and turn FIFA into a body of fraud.

In addition to Jerónimo, Moscovis, Cândido and Parra, the cast includes Anna Brewster, Carol Abras, Nelson Freitas, Polliana Aleixo, Isadora Ferrite, Leonardo Cidade, Leandro Firmino, Demétrio Nascimento Alves, Fábio Aste and Philippe Jacq. In the Portuguese dubbed version, Fábio Porchat is the narrator.

Argentinian writer, actor, producer and Oscar winner Armando Bó (About Entertainment) returns to the series as showrunner and executive producer.

El Presidente: The Game of Corruption or Jogo da Corrupção in Portuguese is produced by Gaumont's Latin American team, led by Christian Gabela with the Oscar-winning company Fábula — led by Chilean brothers Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín — and Kapow, an Argentine production company led by Agustín Sacanell and Lucas Rainelli.

The second season will premiere on Prime Video on Nov. 4. The first season is also available to stream.


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