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The first two games broke attendance records at their respective venues. Photo: Canela.TV.

Women's World Cup 2023: This is the show to analyze the best of the tournament

The most important women's soccer championship in the world began on July 19 in Australia and New Zealand.


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The best 32 national teams are currently contesting the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup, a competition that will run until August 20.

Considered the most important event in women's sport globally, the 9th edition of this tournament takes place in two different countries that shared the honor of hosting the event this year, Australia and New Zealand.

Special coverage

To enjoy the Women's World Cup in a special way, Canela.TV presented its specialized sports program "Campeonas," which offers all the information related to the participating teams and a deeper analysis of what happens on the playing fields.

Canela.TV highlighted:

Join Campeonas to enjoy exciting content that celebrates the power and skill of women in soccer.

The special program is presented by the women's soccer expert Ivonne Almaraz, along with the former player and analyst Geraldine Carrasquero, and by the sports journalist who has been a pioneer in LATAM in covering this discipline, Nathalia Prieto.

About the Show

"Campeonas" provides in-depth coverage of the tournament, keeping you informed of the latest happenings, from pre-match predictions and lineups, post-game commentary, and even in-person coverage of the electrifying atmosphere in Australia and New Zealand.

“The hosts will guide you at every step. Whether you are a passionate fan or an occasional viewer, they will help you to be fully up-to-date with the latest news,” says the production.

Through expert analysis, the journalists showcase their valuable insights into team strategies, player performance and tactical plays.

Campeonas” captures the spirit of this celebration, showcasing the immense talent and determination of female footballers on the world stage, highlighting their achievements and inspiring future generations.

Canela.TV also highlights that the Women's World Cup is not just a tournament, but a celebration of women's sports worldwide that only happens every four years.

How to see it?

Available exclusively on Canela.TV through August 20, the free streaming service known for its high-quality Spanish-language content, from popular movies and original series to sports and children's programming.

"Let's celebrate together the power, ability and triumph of women's sports worldwide!" highlights the streaming platform.


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