"Cupido" is Tini's new album, available on all platforms. Photo credit: Instagram.
'Cupido' is Tini's new album, available on all platforms. Photo: Instagram.

Tini says reggaeton is a freedom for women

The Argentinean singer dished on the details of her new album.


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During an interview with the BBC about the release of her fourth studio album, Cupido, Tini said her new songs talk about love and heartbreak, but also encourage women to dance and take control of their bodies.

The artist told the BBC about her experiences as a woman within the urban genre, and how she's continued working to achieve the same recognition as men within the industry. 

"It remains to continue deconstructing and changing a lot of things. It wasn't that long ago that women began to sing these types of lyrics or sing with so much freedom in Latin music," Tini said. 

Tini, who began her journey on TV as a personality, dares to release increasingly risky lyrics within the genre today. Her topics span the same parties, alcohol and fun, as her male colleagues. 

"I get asked a lot about women in the music industry, about how our growth has been. Being able to sing reggaeton, even though we are still judged and there are a lot of things to change, means a freedom that was not normalized long ago," she said.

The BBC said that Tini has managed to position herself as a worldwide star in Latin music thanks to her charisma, music and important collaborations with other artists. 

With Cupido, the singer continues to venture into a genre that fuses the rhythms of Argentine cumbia, reggaeton and pop, to transmit its essence.  

"They are three musical genres that identify me a lot in my personal growth and also when it comes to making music. So, to have united them and for people from all over the world to feel identified with a rhythm that means so much to my country, is a very great honor," said the Argentinean. 

Cupido is the first album Tini released under Sony, with 14 songs, five original, which are already available on all digital platforms.


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