Frame from Rauw Alejandro's new single, "Hunter".
Screenshot from Rauw Alejandro's new single, "Hunter."

'Hunter,' Rauw Alejandro's latest track and his fight with Jhay Cortez. 

Rauw Alejandro released "Hunter," his last track before the end of the year as a Christmas present for all his fans.


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Two days ago, on Dec. 22, singer Rauw Alejandro tweeted a message that he would be releasing a surprise before Christmas. What the public did not expect was that Rauw's "Christmas gift" would also be a response to a song by Jhay Cortez.

In spite of all the progress made by women in the world of reggaeton to separate the genre from machismo, there is no shortage of artists who "fight" with lines that are out of line.

Rauw Alejandro released “Hunter” a day before Christmas Eve, and the song seems to be a response to a most absurd phrase in another track by reggaeton artist Jhay Cortez.

In the remix of "Si Pepe," Cortez alludes to Rauw on a track that was leaked on social networks in which he talks about his dancing style and also makes reference to Rosalia, Rauw's current partner.

"Tu española quiere que le hable en English. Do you wanna fuck? 'Jhayco, I want in the Bentley,'" Cortez is heard saying.

Faced with this "offense", Alejandro responded in his new song to every point where he feels alluded to, and towards the end of the song, he says: "We don't have to mention anyone's wife. She's not to blame for hanging out with a vermin." 

Although the phrase has its nuances, and should also be taken with a grain of salt (since no woman "belongs" to anyone but herself), that should be the real discussion: There is no need to use the resource of sexualizing someone's partner and talking about that person as a sexual object to discredit the other. If you have no arguments to "criticize" something or someone, what is the point of your words?

What is clear is that these "fights" in songs sell records. 


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