Photo: Rodrigo Gonzalez
Photo: Rodrigo Gonzalez

Nicki Nicole releases energized pop and R&B album, sophomore LP, ‘Parte de Mí’

The artist’s new album is the followup to her 2019 debut, Recuerdos.


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Nicki Nicole is a rising star within the world of pop and R&B. At only 21-years-old, the Argentine singer has sustained a meteoric emergence supported by her fast-moving career.

On top of numerous singles, Nicole has two albums, a handful of prolific performances and accomplishments behind her. 

Last year, Nicole was nominated for a Latin Grammy for “Best New Artist.” Last month, she was nominated for “Best Rock Song” for “Venganza,” her song with No Te Va Gustar.

Her collaboration with Rochy RD and Myke Towers was also featured on this year's Summer playlist from former U.S. president Barack Obama.

Nicole was also the first Argentine artist to perform on the Tonight Show — doubling as the artist’s TV debut — and has also recorded a Tiny Desk concert.

Like many artists to perform Tiny Desk concerts in recent days, Nicole performed hers in a personal studio space. The performance was filmed in Buenos Aires.

During the performance, footage from an old Sony camcorder — of the same performance — was spliced between the more up-to-date video, putting on a filter of nostalgia and personability.

Nicole was backed by an ensemble of musicians including guitarists, backing vocalists, percussionists, violínists, a bassist, a cellist, and more.

The pop artist released her second full-length album, Parte de Mí, last week, on Oct. 28, 2021. This is the follow-up to her 2019 debut, Recuerdos.

The album brings on a number of guest performers, including Rauw Alejandro, Mon Laferte, Snow Tha Product, Mora, and Bizarrap. Each brings a unique energy to Nicole’s new album, which oftentimes acts as a testament to the artist’s rising status. 

The tracklist is studded with significant singles from the fast-moving artist, who currently rests comfortably on Spotify’s Top 400 artists worldwide. 

Nicole has been noted as challenging gender stereotypes present in Argentina, as well as other stereotypes surrounding the musical and cultural spaces she occupies.

Parte de Mí — as illustrated through its album cover, which resembles a puzzle — is a reflection of human complexity, according to Nicole.

After time spent in isolation, Nicole thought it was important to remind people they are still part of the same experience.

The last single to drop before Parte de Mí arrived — released only one night before the album — was a collaboration between Nicole and Rauw Alejandro, “Sabe.” 

The late single also came with a music video, adding to an already impressive volume of videos.

On top of more high energy songs such as “Sabe,” Nicole brought some more personal and somber cuts to the project. Included is the title track “Parte de Mí.”

The music video was directed by Rodrigo Gonzalez and Tomás Seivane. Since its release, Nicole has publicly shared some words on her album’s title track:

“‘Parte de Mí’ is a song very special to me. I would say the most personal track I've recorded to this day. I wrote it for someone who is no longer with us, but a person who touched me deeply. This song is ‘a part of me’ for you all, and for you to feel it in your own way too. It is also the reason I named my next album ‘Parte de Mí,'” Nicole has shared.

“Parte de Mí” certainly is one of the most potent, somber, and lovingly-constructed songs on Nicole’s album. A special version of the song is performed during Nicole’s Tiny Desk concert.

It is perhaps the one song on Nicole’s album which best represents the artist’s vision for the project. 

Nicole’s sophomore debut album, Parte de Mí, is out now.


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