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The Grammy's presented a list of 50 songs to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month. Photo: Pixabay.

The Grammy’s playlist: The Academy's gift for Hispanic Heritage Month

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences recently released their ''s 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month Official Playlist'.


Billboards Woman of the Year

"GUTS" Cookie on Tour

Latin Grammy’s economic


Latin Grammy Andalusia

Latin Grammy Seville Program

Road to Seville

A Latino Superstar


On Sept. 15, the start date of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the entity that brings the annual Grammy Awards, published an exclusive list of 50 songs from Hispanic talent to celebrate the Latin culture for the next month.

The list, which is available on platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Pandora Music, includes hits from influential artists like Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Kali Uchis.

“Today's Latino artists are fearless when it comes to exploring multiple genres. As a result of that audacity, listeners are greeted with the colorful culture and sounds of Latin America, no matter where they are on the music scene,” the Academy writes in its publication.

“No playlist can fully capture the expansive sounds and styles of today's Latin artists and genres. But the 50 songs featured on's 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month Official Playlist will give you a sonic tour of the artists who shape Latin music today,” wrote the Academy on the text prior to the download links for the most animated playlist of the year.

YouTube x Selena Gomez

The streaming platform is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with the premiere of a new episode of its documentary series, Artist Spotlight Stories, featuring popular actress and singer Selena Gomez, who has also been a trending of late thanks to the series Only Murders in the Building.

According to a statement from the video streaming giant, Gomez presents her experience immigrating to the United States, while highlighting the importance of being a role model and good person. After its premiere in less than 24 hours, the video was already among the most viewed on the platform.

For its part, YouTube Music, one of the brand's premium divisions, also presented its own playlist with 98 songs (six hours long) to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, and can now be heard and enjoyed. 

Deezer's offer

The music and podcast streaming platform is entering the Hispanic market in the United States, which is why this month it has included special content in its programming that honors Latino artists.

Among its offer is an episode of Deezer's original podcast, El playlist de mi vida, dedicated to the Mexican singer-songwriter, Paty Cantú. 

Continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month through this journey around the Hispanic-American music scene — a universe rich in rhythms, brimming with creativity and talent.


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