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The fourth episode of "En La Sala" featured Ivy Queen, Camilo and Elena Rose. Photo: Amazon Music

Astrology, musical inspirations and machismo highlight episode four of “En La Sala”

Becky G’s podcast can be streamed on Amazon Music and Twitch.


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In episode four of Mexican-American singer Becky G’s podcast, En La Sala, she welcomed her close friend Elena Rose, reggaeton star Ivy Queen, and singer/songwriter Camilo to name their musical inspirations and trace the origins of their sounds. Becky also talked about machismo in the Latin music industry and how it seeps into the larger Latinx community. 

“ The Inspiration for this episode comes from the roots of Latin music and everything that it’s become today,” she said.

Singer/songwriter Elena Rose was the first guest Becky chose to highlight. Rose wrote Becky’s lyrics in Gente de Zona’s single, “Muchacha,” which earned both artists their first nominations for a Latin Grammy award.

Despite their success, Becky brought up that only 4% of chart-topping lyrics in Latin music are written by women. Instead of listening to those who once told them there was only one seat at the table for female musicians, Becky and Rose built their own tables.

They also discussed how they keep up with spiritual health by cleansing themselves under full moons and charging their crystals and how Rose’s soulful sounds are inspired by Christian music. 

The next guest was the reigning queen of reggaeton, Ivy Queen, who mentioned that both her and Becky are pisces, which makes them soulful creators and voices for the voiceless. 

“It’s too much to be a pisces, we carry so many emotions, it’s so intense,” Ivy Queen explained. 

She commended Becky for using her platform not only to share music with her fans, but to raise awareness of important issues like voting and social justice. 

The third and final guest was Colombian singer/songwriter Camilo, who shared how he’s maintained his musical roots while embracing change throughout his career. Becky and Camilo reminisced about working together with Mau y Ricky to perform the song “Sin Pijama.” 

She confessed that her Spanish isn’t that good and she was very nervous to sing and speak in Spanish in front of people, but Camilo was always so encouraging and made her feel more comfortable. 

Becky also gushed over Camilo’s distinct voice and unique artistry. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard pop music the way you have made it your own and that’s very hard to do,” she said. 

You can listen to and watch Becky G’s podcast on Amazon Music and Twitch. 


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