'La Brega' Album cover.
The 'La Brega' album features six songs. Photo: Album cover.

'La Brega' podcast releases an album

The album goes alongside the new season of the popular podcast from Futuro and WNYC.


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La Brega, the popular podcast diving into everything Puerto Rico, is now releasing a new music album that includes six songs that have been cataloged as Puerto Rican classics. They're revived by contemporary Puerto Rican artists from the island and diaspora. 

On the album, La Brega explores the culture, history and soul of Puerto Rico through one of its most precious exports: its music. 

The first single from the musical work is "Preciosa," by Xenia Rubinos, and it will be available on all digital platforms on Tuesday, March 21. The whole EP will be released on April 11. 

"Preciosa" is a love song written for Puerto Rico and is best known for a version sung by Marc Anthony. Rubinos' version brings the bolero form to 21st century New York, where it becomes a minimalist alt-R&B masterpiece. 

"I remember my mother singing the song with all her heart. And I remember it was very important to her, so it was important to me too," the singer said in a statement.

You should know: La Brega

La Brega was hailed as one of the "Best Podcasts of 2021" by The New Yorker and The New York Times. For its new season, the podcast tells music-inspired stories, from a deep dive into the queer history of an epic salsa to an exploration of the sexual liberation inherent in freestyle music. 

Here is the full track listing of the songs on the album: 

  1. Xenia Rubinos - "Preciosa" (original by Rafael Hernandez).
  2. RaiNao x ÌFÉ - "I Wonder If I Take You Home" (original by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam)
  3. Ana Macho - "El Gran Varón" (original by Willie Colon)
  4. Balún - "Olas y Arenas" (original by Sylvia Rexach)
  5. La Tribu de Abrante - "Las Caras Lindas" (original by Tite Curet Alonso)
  6. Mireya Ramos x Velcro MC - "No Tienes Corazón" (original by La Patrulla 15)

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