Photo by Peter Fitzpatrick
Fuerza Regida at Made in America Festival. Photo: Peter Fitzpatrick

Fuerza Regida makes history as the first Mexican urban group to perform at Made in America

Fuerza Regida makes history at Made in America as the first Mexican urban genre artist or group to be invited to participate.


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Fuerza Regida represents a new generation of Mexican music. The five-member group consisting of Jesus Ortiz Paz (JOP; Lead singer), Khrystian Ramos (six-string guitar), Jose Garcia (tuba), Samuel Jaimez (Requinto), and Moises Lopez, are pioneers of the urban corridor movement. 

As the first Mexican urban genre artist or group to be invited to perform at Made in America, the group did not disappoint. Their publicist, Julieta Isela told AL DÍA that “they are making history and it’s really important for them.” 

“They are on tour and were recently in NY, completely sold out,” she added. 

The group has 19 tour dates with four of them being sold out, showcasing how much the audience truly cares about their unique sound and corridos. 

Fuerza Regida has proven they are a force to be reckoned with and it’s the main reason why Made in America invited them to this year’s festival.

After they sold out in New York, the group was surprised to see how other cities around the U.S. are welcoming their music and enjoying their corridos. 

When talking to Fuerza Regida before they took the stage in Philadelphia, members said they were excited to interact with the audience and share their craft. The tight space of their trailer also did not deter Fuerza Regida from interacting with this AL DÍA reporter.

Being considered one of the most influential bands that exists at the moment “is really special,” said lead singer JOP. 

“We have been working really hard to get to where we are today. ‘Una chulada,’” he continued.

They are also happy at the warm reception they have received throughout their Del Barrio Hasta Aqui tour, and can’t wait to meet fans from other regions. 

Their full Made in America set list is below:

  1. Me Acostumbre
  2. Radicamos
  3. EL Dinero Los Cambio
  4. Los Mire Con Talento
  5. Descansando
  6. Billete Grande
  7. Sigo Chambeando
  8. No Le Aflojo
  9. Señor Miedo
  10. Radio un Cochinero
  11. Mi Gusto Es
  12. Tragos Amargos
  13. Se Acabo
  14. Chingas a tu madre
  15. Muchacho Alegre
  16. Disculpe Usted

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