Para siempre – Esteman
Para siempre – Esteman

Forever, openly gay love

Colombian singer-songwriter Esteman releases "Para Siempre", a declaration of eternal love to his boyfriend. 


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"Este man" is the expression used in good Colombian Spanish to say "this man I was talking about", as in "this man I met the other night".

Hence the stage name of Esteban Mateus Williamson, better known as Esteman.

From the beginning Esteman's proposal has been very stylized, with a great display of his fashion sense, colorful, histrionic, open. "I don't look like a macho bastard, but I''ll seduce you with my skeleton", he says since his first album, in 2012.

Equally frank has always been in relation to his sexuality: he did not come out of the closet: he never allowed himself to be put there. When he felt it was appropriate, he made public his relationship with the Mexican actor Jorge Caballero without mystery.

A natural evolution of this is "Para Siempre", the song that gives its name to what will be his fourth album, and is as explicit and unconditional a declaration of love as it can be.

“Cariño, llegaste para quedarte

Y no tengo miedo de confesar

Que en mi corazón estás
Y latiendo seguirás
Parece que lo nuestro va
Para siempre
Por eso es que en esta canción
Te declaro mi amor
Pase lo que pase durará
Para siempre”.

("Honey, you're here to stay
And I'm not afraid to confess
That in my heart you are
And beating you will continue
Looks like we're going on
That's why in this song
I declare my love to you
Whatever happens will last

The video, as important as the song itself, picks up the influence of Madonna's voguin, Michael Jackson's choreography and even some of the stylized competition salsa steps.

The way in which Madonna danced surrounded by men and with a black chair as erotic props, Esteman takes it up again to sing to his beloved in an open and explicitly coherent aesthetic with who they are.

While we have seen many videos of men surrounded by female dancers, but until now we had not seen singers dancing surrounded by other men.

In Latin America, this kind of gesture is particularly unusual, as it is necessary for the representation of the LGBTQ population in the audiovisual world and to contribute to the education of a continent that is still so homophobic.

In an interview with EFE, Esteman commented that making the video was a challenge, despite being used to dancing. The hours of practice needed to reach that level of precision were arduous, but made coordination with this international group of dancers possible, just before the start of the confinement orders in the United States.


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