Promotional photo for Budweiser Made In America Festival. 
Promotional photo for Budweiser Made In America Festival. 

Made In America 2017: Your Essential Guide

Here’s your essential guide for acts you shouldn’t miss and things you shouldn’t leave at home for the most memorable, safe, and enjoyable time this Saturday…


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It’s that time of year again!... The one where you’re still just as confused as ever as to why that “no white after Labor Day” rule exists since winter whites are a thing; the one where you shamelessly use and abuse those back to school sales and coupons (inevitably trampling on a few greedy kindergarten moms at Target); the one where that guy who was blessed enough to enter in a sacred covenant with Beyoncé Giselle Knowles throws a huge festival by the Rocky statue.

Budweiser Made In America Festival, though still an elementary schooler in comparison to the more well-established gargantuan music spectacles of our nation, has become a permanent fixture in Philadelphia’s events calendar. Since 2012, the festival has attracted amped-up Villanova freshmen and hip-hop groupies alike, all smushing tightly on a SEPTA towards The Benjamin Franklin Parkway, unified by the excitement to see an eclectic array of artists, the smell of late-summer sweat, and the very original choice of wearing USA colors to MIA.

The festival is over-stimulating in a perfectly balanced way; when you aren’t down to headbob to indie pop or full-on thrash to hard rock, you can eat glorious deep-fried cheese curds from the food trucks lining the parkway or down a seemingly perpetual supply of crisp Bud.  When you get bored of lying down hillside on a blanket with your friends overhearing the hum of different genres mesh and blend in the background, you dust yourself off and rally by waiting four hours at The Liberty Stage- pumping your fists and spitting rap game- until the headliners come (fashionably late).

But, even so, the lineup can seem far too long, the map can seem incomprehensible, and wait… wait… you said DEEP-FRIED CHEESE CURDS?! Where are those?! Never fear. Here’s your essential guide for acts you shouldn’t miss and things you shouldn’t leave at home for the most memorable, safe, and enjoyable time this Saturday and Sunday:

1) Weather

This is not Coachella. If you love yourself, you’ll immediately return the exact replica of a cool “boho-chic” outfit Lindsay Lohan wore once in 2008. And, gentlemen, that means your frat-star muscle tanks may have to sit this one out too. On Saturday, Philadelphia is expecting 77% rainfall, with a low of 54 degrees and a high of 65, and on Sunday, the City is expecting 83% rainfall with a low of 63 degrees and a high of 75. Stay dry and warm by packing layers, close-toed shoes, and an extra pair of socks. You roll your eyes now, but if you listen to my sound advice, you’ll be the one having the most fun in the crowd.

2) Transportation

Every other news outlet is talking about road closures, but we’re not every other news outlet. I’m here to tell you the truth: Don’t bother driving, and don’t even think about taking an Uber or a Lyft, unless you want to pay the price of a bank-breaking surge. On September 2nd and September 3rd, public transportation will be your best friend, but I’d really only take the trolley or the regional rail if you’re beyond the limits of “walking” (or “biking”) distance. If you’re less than twenty blocks away and are physically able to take a hike to the venue, do it. It’s the most hassle-free way to get from Point A to Point B without dealing with crowds.

3) Lockers

Yeah, they have a $35 two-day tag which may seem like a financial burden, given the fact that you know you’re going to spend way more than you’d like to on food and merch at the festival, but having a place to securely store whatever you’d like and having a built-in charging port for your smartphone is a relief. Remember when I said you’ll have to stay in the same spot for four hours to even get a glimpse of the headlining performers? I wasn’t kidding. You know what would suck? Your phone dying right before The Chainsmokers start their set. Yikes.

4) The Local Acts

Believe it or not, there’s more to Made In America than J.Cole and Jay-Z. This year’s lineup boasts incredible talent from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, such as Queen of Jeans, Marian Hill, Mt. Joy, KapSlap, Mannequin Pussy, (Sandy) Alex G, Cash Cash, PnB Rock, A R I Z O N A, Japanese Breakfast, and Beach Slang.




5) The Latino Acts

Made In America… More like, Made In Latin America, am I right?! Hah! Bad joke, but hey, after the “Despacito” effect hit the mainstream radio waves of Gringolandia households, I’m just happy to see that some Latinos other than Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Justin Bieber (another bad joke), are getting their turn at the mic. These Latinos are Karen Rodriguez, Mozart La Para, and Cardi B.



6) Toilet Paper

Okay, really? Right after I listened to that insane trap-remix by Cardi that has me gagged and rolling around in flames, we’re going to talk about toilet paper? Yes, yes we are. Probably the most essential of all items to take to a festival, toilet paper (and its other hygienic cousins, Kleenex and Wet Ones), are ideal to have when the less-than-ideal portapotties decide to run out of something to wipe yourself with. Don’t listen to anybody that tells you the “drip dry” method works and isn’t gross. It doesn’t work, and it is absolutely gross.

7) Hydration

Free filtered water stations. I honestly just swooned while typing that. Remember that the human body is composed of (on average) 60% water, not 60% cerveza! You’ve been warned.


Refresh the website or download Made In America’s official app if changes arise, but other than that, you’re ready to start your own bembé at the Freedom Stage and una pachanga at the TIDAL Stage.

Don’t forget to check back on AL DĺA News after Labor Day Weekend to relive the magic with exclusive interviews featuring artists from the festival.


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