Gustavo Cerati en "No te creo". Foto: Captura de Youtube
Gustavo Cerati in "No te creo." Photo: YouTube

Gustavo Cerati fans surprised unreleased video on his birthday

On Aug. 11, the Argentine singer would have turned 62-years-old. It's the perfect date to release an unreleased video of his song "No te creo." 


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A close-up of Gustavo Cerati, his outlined blue eyes, a puff of a cigarette smoke and some guitar chords. That's all it takes to revive the founder and vocalist of Soda Estéreo, one of the most important Latin American rock bands of all time.

And that's just what Cerati's fans got on Aug. 11, on what would have been the singer's 62nd birthday. They got a video of "No te creo," a song that appears on his 2002 solo album Siempre es hoy, was recorded in 2004 at his studio in Buenos Aires. 

The video was going to be part of the "Canciones elegidas" concert tour with the idea that his face and the other members of the band would be projected on giant screens during the concert. 

The clip, which has already reached more than half a million views on YouTube, was filmed in just a few takes. 

"We did very few takes of the song, maybe four," recalled Diego Panich, the director of the video, who also said that the slow motion style, a commonality in music videos today that was a novelty 17 years ago. 

"The particularity is that the video is in slow motion and everything has synchro; the trick is that the band played the playback at double speed. It's very difficult and cumbersome to do, but Gustavo and the band were really cool with the idea and did everything without drama," he revealed.

Cerati's death

Gustavo Adrián Cerati died on Sept. 4, 2014, after being in a coma for four years due to a stroke. 

The tragic story began during a concert of the "Fuerza Natural" tour in Caracas, Venezuela. Cerati collapsed while performing "Lago en el cielo." 

After many hours of uncertainty, it was known that his health condition was serious and for four years his fans waited for a recovery that never came. 

Almost seven years after his death, the video of "No te creo" is added to his mythical playlist of songs from his time with Soda Estéreo, such as "De musica ligera," "Cuando pase el temblor," and "Zoom." There are also gems from his solo career, such as "Bocanada," "Fuerza Natural," and "El mareo." 


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