Immasoul, one of the artists who will be part of the 2023 SXSW Music Festival.
Immasoul, one of the artists who will be part of Canela presentation at the festival. Photo: @immasoul_

Canela Music to present a showcase at SXSW 2023

The company promotes emerging Latino artists.


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Canela Media, a leading technology company committed to redefining digital media experiences for the Hispanic community, announced its lineup of Latino music acts at the upcoming 2023 SXSW Music Festival.

Mario Torres, vice president of Canela Music, stated:

SXSW® is one of the most thrilling events of the year for musicians and Canela Music is proud to bring some of the most talented emerging artists to our showcase.

The programming includes featured musicians from 2022 and the upcoming season of Rising Notes, Canela Music's original series created to support and provide a platform for emerging Latino artists.

Some of the artists in the showcase will also appear on upcoming Canela Music programming, including new episodes of StoryTime, Pop Quiz and on Canela.TV's entertainment news program ¡PONLE CANELA!

“This marks an important milestone for Canela Music where we continue to support artists we featured in our original series Rising Notes in 2022 and we kick off our production of the series for 2023 at SXSW® with two new artists.  Our goal is not just to be present at SXSW®, but also give our audience access to the festival through our platforms and amplify our voices,” added Torres.

The live performances at SXSW 

Canela Music's live performance event at the 2023 SXSW Festival will feature live performances from:

  • Immasoul: From Quintana Roo, Mexico, Immasoul represents female empowerment through her smooth R&B music and her soulful sounds. In November 2021, Immasoul released her highly acclaimed EP Natural, named one of the best Latin R&B albums of the year. The Caribbean R&B singer-songwriter has garnered over 2 million streams since 2020.
  • PJ Sin Suela: Born Pedro Juan Vázquez, he is an astonishing Puerto Rican singer songwriter and rapper. After graduating from medical school, he decided his true passion was music and for the past couple of years, has been gathering quite the fanbase with his strong lyrical ability and urban melodies. He likes to call himself the “first MC MD,” and has strong support from industry faves like Residente and Elías de León.
  • Los Rivera Destino: They're a social satire group that transports humorous thoughts using the art of music. Composed by Carlos Figueroa, Antonio Sánchez, and Fernando Tarrazo, the group uses different musical styles, from boleros to rock. In 2022, they released their first studio album Besitos y Kisses, collaborating with iLe, Pedro Capo, Ñengo Flow, Guaynaa, Riccie Oriach, Paula Cendejas and Ismael Cancel.
  • Alejo: Considered a global phenomenon, Alejo has been building his musical career with a unique sound and style. The voice behind songs like "Pantysito," "Un Viaje," "Se Enamoró de un Reggaetonero," and "La Pelikula," has collaborated with numerous important artists in the urban genre, including Karol G, Feid, Wisin, Jay Wheeler and Nio García. In 2022, Alejo was named as an artist to discover On The Radar Latin by Billboard Magazine.
  • RaiNao: Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, RaiNao (born Naomi Ramírez) is an artist passionate for music and art. In 2022, Ramírez launched an eight-track EP called ahora A.K.A. Nao, featuring a collaboration with Villano Antillano on the single “Un Amarre.”

“Canela Music’s showcase at SXSW® and our continued support of emerging Latino artists furthers our commitment at Canela Media to elevate Hispanics in the U.S. and create more opportunities for representation across our content and platforms,” said Oswald Méndez, chief marketing officer of Canela Media.

In addition to the live concert, Canela will produce content for its Canela Music channel in Austin, including:

  • Rising Notes featuring Alejo, RaiNao and more — Hispanic audiences can discover the latest talent shaping the future of Latin Music. The series showcases different aspects of the artists’ life and performances, introducing the audience to both the artist and their music.
  • StoryTime featuring Alejo, Immasoul, Los Rivera Destino and more — Delves into a single important moment in the musical career of an artist to give audiences a glimpse into their life and career through animation.
  • Pop Quiz featuring Alejo, RaiNao, Immasoul, PJ Sin Suela, Los Rivera Destino and more —  Formerly known as El Carrete, Canela Music’s Pop Quiz will begin with one artist who is asked a thematic question. This is followed by another question in the same theme being asked by a second artist. The trick is, they do not know who the next artist is! This sequence then happens until 5 to 8 artists participate, creating a chain of fun questions and answers.

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