Mel Muñíz is an Argentine singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. PHOTOGRAPHY: Marie Claire
Mel Muñíz is an Argentine singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Photo: Marie Claire

The feminist boleros of Mel Muñiz

Mel Muñiz is an artist from Buenos Aires that has rescued one of her debut tracks with Acus and Sof Tot, and it is both a feminist anthem and a tribute to…


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Mel Muñiz wanted to take advantage of the sorority energies deployed during the previous Women's Month to echo all that in a feminist anthem.

To do so she joined forces with the also Argentinean Acus and Sof Tot, in a totally vitalist outburst between soulful sisters, to revisit the song "Somos hermanas" with which she debuted on her album Aguerrida.

For the illustration they counted on Marina Fagés to close the circle of impressions and experiences that resolves such a peculiar bolero.

Peculiar because it not only works as an anthem, it is rather a route accompanied by powerful women to re-imagine the music of the fondas of the gringo and Caribbean south of the twenties and thirties trying to change the patriarchal components for more constructive ones.

The song is reminiscent of her debut of last 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, where Muñiz gave an "getaway key" to, like a bolt of pop, burst over the rhythms of boleros, cha cha cha, Latin jazz, swing, waltz, son and Caribbean folklore of the twenties and thirties.

Ten multifaceted songs produced with Juan Pablo de Mendonça that went far beyond eclecticism to set trends at a time when genres from the early twentieth century came to life in the generational memory of the new public. In addition, her tattoos combine perfectly with the clothes and hairstyles of the thirties, showing a strong and empowered artist.


Mel Muñíz is a singer from Buenos Aires, composer and she plays several instruments such as the ukulele or the trumpet. Her career as a soloist unfolded thanks to a whole previous trajectory that implied the participation in several bands that already play in that eclectic line with old genres. The peculiarity is that until then he had sung in English, making the leap to Spanish with his solo career.

The bands in which she participates are La Familia de Ukeleles, a sextet that plays swing and Hawaiian music; Las Taradas; Bourbon Sweethearts, a female swing trio; the indie band Las Taradas or together with Rodrigo Nuñez Quinteto.

On a personal level, she is a musician graduated from the Escuela de Música de Buenos Aires and since 2007 she has been a personal singing, harmony and ukulele teacher. For five years she was an elementary school music teacher and currently has a small ukulele store that also serves as a school called Los Hermanos.



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