Photo: Adalid Lopez
Photo: Adalid Lopez

Andrekza follows-up previous EP with sequel: ‘Cassette - Lado B EP’

The Venezuelan pop-artist and creative director has returned with a follow-up to her Cassette - Lado A EP from earlier this year.


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The pop artist and creative director Andrekza from Venezuela has returned to release a sequel to Cassette - Lado A, her debut EP from earlier this year.

The EP was released under Steve Aoki’s ‘Dim Mak En Fuego.' Cassette - Lado B EP was born from unique influences, including the magical realism found in the writings of Güstave Courbet, Haruki Murakami, and Toni Morrison 

Lyrically, Andrekza is inspired to write about racism, classism, gender inequality and psychological abuse in relationships.

Andrekza was sonically inspired by trap, hip-hop, reggaetón, 70s dance, Brazilian funk, and Venezuelan drums for the EP.

Cassette - Lado B EP, the aptly-named sequel EP, follows the same format as the first, putting three previously-released singles into further context with a new song as finale.

The first EP featured Andrekza’s biggest hit, “TÉ,” a single later remixed to feature Carlos Sadness. 

Following the same four-track model, Cassette - Lado B features some of Andrekza’s smoothest and most conceptually-intriguing songs yet.  

Included on the tracklist is “Sangre Poderosa,” Andrekza’s tribute to the victims of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.

The tragedy took place in New York City, and took the lives of 146 immigrant women, many of whom were teenagers that did not speak English.

Employees were being subjected to 12-hour, seven-day weekly schedules. The event influenced the creation of International Women’s Day.

In addition to “Sangre Poderosa,” Andrekza’s singles “Tom Y Jerry” — a statement on female empowerment — and “Paris” both appear. Each also has a music video.

Each music video to accompany the EP’s tracklist features thoughtful concepts, crisp visuals, eye-grabbing costuming, and fluent creative direction from Andrekza. 

One video sees Andrekza sharing romantic moments with a mannequin; another shows the singer marooned on a lost planet of sorts.

The new closure for this EP is “Pedro Pan,” inspired by Disney’s classic Peter Pan character. The song explores how people fall in love, and does so with concepts of social class, color and race in mind.

Andrekza shared some words on the new song and how its sound came to be:

"Pedro Pan is the first time that I dare to do reggaeton, I love the opportunity to navigate so many different rhythms and genres, the curiosity to experience new things has been a challenge for me,” Andrekza was quoted as saying, originally in Spanish.

“It is a song to normalize the love for what we feel in our hearts and not because of what we idealize it to be.”

With the release of this new EP, Andrekza is also launching a Twitch channel. Viewers can expect gaming sessions with friends and behind-the-scenes of shoots.

There’s no shortage of plans from the creative director. Andrekza is currently working on a streetwear brand, and preparing to appear alongside Steve Aoki in the MIDEM Talent Exporter Conference in November. 

Andrekza’s Cassette - Lado B EP is available now.


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