Pictured: ALTA Sinfónica at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco, CA.
Photo: Tecate Alta

The San Francisco Philharmonic joined unlikely partners to showcase diversity within Hispanic music

ALTA Sinfónica is the musical lovechild of Tecate ALTA, a Heineken USA Mexican brand, and Jessica Berejano, founder of the San Francisco Philharmonic.


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The San Francisco classical music scene shook things up as Tecate ALTA, a Mexican sub-brand belonging to Heineken USA, unveiled a culture platform that seeks to reimagine the modern approach to the classical style in featuring contemporary urban artists in a historic crossover premiere. 

The concert was held on Oct. 1, in a continued celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, and was helmed by Jessica Berejano, a pioneer and advocate in the female conducting space.


“Tecate Alta believes that music, like people, shouldn’t be boxed in or minimized to one specific label. We’re excited to see ALTA SINFÓNICA come to life, as it truly showcases the power of uniqueness and diversity,” said a Tecate ALTA spokesperson. 

The first of its kind, ALTA SINFÓNICA’s concert featured a slate of artists that enriched the classical set with mariachi, hip-hop, and reggae, among many other styles expected for the set. 

Pictured: Alta Sinfónica in concert
ALTA Sinfónica's debut featured unique collaborations that brought together the richness of Hispanic music and culture. Photo: Tecate Alta

“It’s by bringing together elements and influences from these different areas that we’re able to create something different and unique — something that reflects the multicultural world we live in,” the spokesperson added.

Included in the lineup was Snow Tha Product, a Grammy-nominated rapper, Oscar López, known for blending Mexican corridos with urban styles, and Los Rakas, an Afro-Latino, Grammy-nominated duo comprised of cousins Raka Rich and Raka Dun.

Those close to the rehearsal process noted how, despite the usual kinks, the ebb and flow of musical styles worked seamlessly, and better than what may have been expected under Berejano's orchestral leadership. 

“With any new project, smoothing out kinks in rehearsals is inevitable. Part of the craft of conducting is working out those kinks in rehearsals, and Berejano was great at doing so,” said the spokesperson of the rehearsal process.

Berejano, the conductor and musical director tasked with balancing the starkly different backgrounds, is a Mexican-American from East Los Angeles, and the founder of the San Francisco Philharmonic. She was tasked with converging an unlikely array of musical styles and showcase the power of togetherness onstage, thus evoking cultural unity under her baton. 

Despite being distinctive musical styles, the elements blended seamlessly together to create a new, unique sound.

ALTA SINFÓNICA’s premiere took place in San Francisco’s Herbst Theatre, where Berejano evoked the force of female-led conducting with a provocative play on classical sounds in motion with Latin Urbano music.

Tecate Alta’s team told AL DÍA that beyond Hispanic Heritage Month, they hope the show will become a staple for San Francisco’s cultural market. 

“Exploring the breadth and depth of Hispanic culture shouldn’t be confined to just one month — Tecate Alta believes that our multicultural experiences should be celebrated and enjoyed daily,” the spokesperson said.

The concert is also a part of a writ large commercial campaign, coined “Bring You All,” which hopes to appeal to a wider breadth of consumers. Tecate Alta launched in 2021 in key markets across the U.S. 

“As a brand with bicultural roots, we aim to amplify the voices of our people throughout every initiative we pursue. ALTA SINFÓNICA is one way that we’re expressing our most recent “Bring Your All” campaign — appealing to a new generation of consumers that is as unique and unconventional as the brand itself. ALTA SINFÓNICA represents that message this year, so maybe we’ll see it come to life again in the future!”


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