Philadelphia Unity Cup. Copyright: Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. 
Philadelphia Unity Cup. Copyright: Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. 

Can’t Miss This: Cultural Events 9/22 - 9/24

This weekend, find out why Philadelphia isn't a cultural wasteland. 


Mourning in Colombia

September 15th, 2023

Piñatas For Everyone

September 13th, 2023

A Latino in the Stars

September 13th, 2023

Hispanic Role Model

August 29th, 2023

A Latino Storyteller

August 14th, 2023

Pau Gasol enters the HOF

August 14th, 2023


One time, I dated a guy that told me in a caricatural financial bro arrogant tone- and I verifiably quote with no exaggeration -“Philadelphia is a cultural wasteland.” Well, that’s why our relationship status is in the past-tense!... I mean, among other completely justifiable reasons. But, I swear, people who only characterize Philadelphia as: underrated, boring or (the absolute worst of them all,) “the poor man’s New York City”, get me #heated; a frustration that pushes me to internally scream the same way that, oh, inviting Sean Spicer to the 2017 Emmy’s and then kissing him on the cheek for television ratings- despite the fact that the former White House Press Secretary stood on a podium of LIES -does. By the way, thaaaaaanks for that image (and the subsequent gastroenteritis,) Stephen Colbert and James Corden.

Anyways, where were we before I let this week’s rage get the best of me? Right: Philadelphia is not a cultural wasteland- not in the slightest -and anybody who has lived here, studied here, or has visited this city for more than a flight layover could back up these objective claims. However, unlike New York City which has the notoriety for being flamboyantly multicultural and all up in your face about it (on gargantuan and blinding neon no less), in Philadelphia you have to seek out the culture, as it oftentimes is not advertised as a “main tourist attraction” in the same way that the historical jewels of the City are. Sadly, these free rooftop bachata lessons, Afghani and Eritrean restaurants, folk concerts, Polish museums, or racial justice workshops are snubbed from their deserving limelight, and those who truly crave an off-road experience have to look for it.

Looking takes forever, and we’re a developed nation accustomed to speed and ease. If we don’t get the results that we want within ten minutes, we throw a tantrum, or quit and move on to something else that catches our attention.

That’s why, starting with this weekend of September 22nd to September 24th, I will be curating a weekly list of the “can’t miss” cultural events. These can range from artsy-fartsy, hippie-dippie, or…. drunky-drunky, but all retain a focus on celebrating and lifting-up the diversity of Philadelphians and the diversity of untapped opportunity for discovery in the City. I hope you enjoy, and if you have any feedback to provide for me (or if you’d like me to promote your organization’s event for next weekend’s installment), you can e-mail me at: [email protected]

Friday at 8PM

“What's a Rumba? It's Afro-Cuban Drumming, Dancing and Singing. This is not a concert or a show, it's a gathering of rumberas and rumberos, newcomers and the initiated, plus friends

singing and dancing to the DRUMS... con mucho Aché. Everyone is welcome, we don't charge for anything. If you're inspired, bring something to eat and drink, we share everything!”

Friday from 8PM-2AM  

Friday and Saturday

Check out @aldianews on Instagram, and view our stories for exclusive coverage and footage of the runway shows this weekend.

Friday through Sunday

“Four dancers surrender themselves to John Coltrane’s spiritual ode to divine love, his 1965 jazz masterpiece A Love Supreme. The album was revolutionary for its carefully balanced interplay between improvisation and structure, meticulous form and raw energy, and the powerful blend of styles expressed by the four soloists—John Coltrane (tenor sax), McCoy Tyner (piano), Jimmy Garrison (bass), and Elvin Jones (drums). This dynamic is transposed onto the dance: the choreographers bring improvised and composed materials, interweaving and absorbing them into one another.”

Friday at 8:30PM

“Public Cinema Club (Kenneth Gug & Matthew Larsen) have directed numerous videos for Super Deluxe as well as the documentary Deer Squad, which was accepted in the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. They also directed and produced the wildly popular Matt Ox video “Overwhelming” (featured in the New York Times, XXL and more), which has currently been viewed over 13.5 million times and counting.”

Friday at 10:30PM

“Joint creation by Philly native artists Moor Mother and DJ Haram based in memory, field sounds, and club music”

Saturday from 10AM-4PM  

“In partnership with Peace Day Philly, we are pleased to bring you Global Feast: a Celebration of Philadelphia's Cosmopolitan Canopy Through Food and Culture. Join us to celebrate the diversity of cultures in Philadelphia through: intercultural food demos in City Kitchen, live world-fusion music, children's activities, and an interactive public art project”

Saturday at 10AM

"Learn from experts in immigration law, advocacy, and community organizing. Join guided small-group workshops to learn how you can fight for immigrants."

Saturday from Noon to 7PM

“Performances, music, dance, Kung Fu demonstrations, Mooncake-Eating contest, pay as you play Carnival games and free art activities. Dragon dance, lion dance and lantern parade through Chinatown!” The full performance schedule is listed here.  

Saturday from Noon to 7PM

Saturday from 2-6PM

“This is Philadelphia’s Second Annual Philly Bi Visibility Day Rally. We will be hosting a health fair with local LGBTQ organizations before the rally. Mayor James Kenney, Amber Hikes the Director of the Office of LGBT Affairs, and local bisexual activists will be speaking at this years event!”

Saturday from 2-8PM


Saturday from 4-8PM

“Held at Marconi Plaza (13th & Oregon St), this free event will celebrate our city’s vibrant multicultural community in conjunction with the PHL Unity Cup presented by Goya Foods. Enjoy cultural music and entertainment, a Parks on Tap beer garden, food vendors, face painting, art activities, and interactive games. Make sure you stick around after the Block Party to catch a free Unity Cup match between Mexico and Ireland, kicking off at 8:30pm at the South Philly Supersite (11th & Bigler St)!”

Oops! It’s Litty Again


“Participating groups get the opportunity to display this theme the best that they can and to put their cultural pride on display for friends, family and members of the community. Held on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Puerto Rican Festival Parade typically has around 1,500 marchers; more than 5,000 attendees; and 96,000 tune in to watch live on 6ABC. The winners of the parade are announced at a closing ceremony held at Concilio several weeks after the parade is over.”

Captain Rodriguez of the 25th Police District of Philadelphia has informed me that there are to be NO huge flags (with dangerous poles), NO unpermitted block parties or road closures, NO drag racing, NO guns, and NO cutting-off the top of your cars to DIY a convertible.

Sunday from 1-3PM

“This is a jazz picnic. Please bring your own blanket or chairs”

Sunday from 2-4:30PM

“As a monument to Philadelphians’ voices and visions, Emeka Ogboh’s Logan Squared: Ode to Philly features a collaboration with beloved Philadelphia poet Ursula Rucker, members of the Chestnut Street Singers, and hundreds of Philadelphians whose ideas were documented during Monument Lab’s discovery phase. Throughout his work, Ogboh creates soundscapes to honor and understand cities. For Monument Lab, Ogboh conceived of a collaboration to channel public participation and reflection. Responding to the Monument Lab open dataset, Rucker composed an epic poem serving as the backbone of this composition. Visitors may access the sound monument at listening stations around the square where they can plug in their headphones to access the composition, or attend a special weekly multichannel sound installation on the Skyline Terrace of the Parkway Central Library. In the rooftop version, attendees are invited to experience a multichannel sound installation, including the sounds of Rucker’s poem and a special choral arrangement of Louis Gesensway’s Four Squares of Philadelphia: ‘Logan Square at Dusk,’ as well a singular view of Logan Square.”

Sunday at 2:30PM

Sunday at 3PM

“Curtis faculty, students, and alumni join together for an afternoon of music to benefit the victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the relief efforts of the American Red Cross”

Sunday from 2-4PM

A Philadelphia artist, Kristine Flannery holds a Fine Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania and is also a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. In her exhibition, Life In My City, she presents a group of oil paintings focused on large and small scale cityscapes, still lifes and abstractions. Kristine has been a member of 3rd Street Gallery since 1990.

Sunday, beginning at 4PM

5th Annual Boricua Fest

Sunday from 6-10PM

“We here at VIP love raw asethic spaces and feel it is the perfect setting for a poetry open mic. Whether you are coming to perform, or coming to enjoy the performers and more, this is another experience you do not want to miss.”

Sunday from 5-7PM

Sunday at 7PM

“The year is 2050. The Today Show and Good Morning America have long since ended. Instead, we have Good Morning New Miami – a perky morning talk show set in the coastal city of New Miami, West Virginia. Sea Level Rise may have claimed Old Miami, but not the Miami spirit! Please join us for a screening of our live program before the studio melts!”

Sunday from 7-10PM

“An event series creating and building a space for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming artists/makers/thinkers and audiences.”



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