Source: Daily Telegraph
Source: Daily Telegraph.

Technology vs. Coronavirus

Another way to protect ourselves.


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With the worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus out of control, now is the time for many people to seek confinement from contact with the virus to avoid infection.

However, if there's one thing that has to be happening in a pandemic in the 21st century and not in the 16th century, it's that people who have to go outside will be able to reduce their exposure to the virus with the help of technology. 

One strategy may be to avoid touching contaminated surfaces, however, it's almost impossible to pay for a service, a purchase, or touching cash without exposing yourself to the virus. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that it has not documented that the Coronavirus is transmitted to people from surfaces, it has recommended cleaning those that are used most or touched for the first time, and then disinfect them.

The first step that many don't consider is cleaning their cell phone. As Apple stated in a recently updated policy for cleaning its products, "with a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or disinfectant wipes, you can gently clean the outer surfaces" of your product, whether it's an iPhone, a Mac, or an iPad.

After your cell phone is completely germ-free, here are some tips for using the technology to create a shield of protection from the virus. 

Set up Google or Apple Pay

Venturing into the physical world will be easier if you don't have to use cash or cards so you can make sure you have a mobile payment application. Apple or Google Pay are the payment applications you should install on your phone so that you only have to swipe your phone through a screen on a payment terminal. 

Mobile as a subway ticket

Workers whose employers do not have work-from-home policies may need to use subways and buses. Fortunately, they may choose to use their cell phone as a subway card in cities like New York. Why risk accidentally touching a germ-infected kiosk reader when you can move your phone close to it?

Mental Health and Telemedicine Apps

Although applications are not a substitute for meeting face-to-face with your doctor or therapist, some people may prefer to seek treatment from home. 

That's why CVS Health, through its Aetna insurance, will be providing its customers with free televisions through services like CVS MinuteClinic's virtual doctor for the next three months, "no matter what the reason." 

Bring a pen to avoid interacting with touch screens

A pencil is also a technology. Using a stylus, you can touch a dirty touch screen if you venture out for a cup of coffee or into a supermarket. A stylus, which can cost as little as $2, can eliminate the need to drag your fingers across screens that thousands of people have already touched. Of course, this means keeping your stylus clean after you've used it.


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