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The music streaming giant is out to put Latinx mental health front and center. Photo: Spotify

Spotify highlights Latinx mental health with some relatable pods and a playlist

It’s clear that U.S. listeners are tuning in to their Latinx icons to maintain their mental well being amid COVID-19.


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On behalf of Mental Health Awareness Month, Spotify is sharing Latinx podcasts and playlists that make self-care more accessible by sharing tips on how to bring mindfulness and positivity to our lives.

The most popular right now are Made in Medellín with J Balvin, Best Kept Secrets with Lele Pons, and the Spotify playlist “Sembrando Esperanza” (“Sewing Hope.”)

“Made in Medellín”

José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, known by his stage name, J Balvin, launched Made in Medellín in January to be forthright with his fans about his mental health struggles, share his biggest troubles and successes, and to pay homage to some of his genre’s biggest legends.

Throughout the series’ eight episodes, the singer spills all the untold stories from his beginnings in Colombia, his anxiety and depression on tour, the uphill battles he faced during his career, and more.

He opened up about feeling like he constantly oscillates between two completely different worlds — one being his famous persona and lifestyle, and one of everyday life. Keeping up with the character of a global reggaeton superstar can make it difficult for some to remember their true selves, but J Balvin is determined to stay connected to who he is at his core.

“I know a lot about J Balvin and little about José. I dedicated myself a lot to the character. Without José there is no J Balvin. In the end that character is me, I can’t separate from him,” he told Billboard.

“Best Kept Secrets”

Venezuelan-American singer and comedian, Lele Pons, first opened up about her mental health journey through a Youtube docuseries released in May, called The Secret Life of Lele Pons. In the series, she revealed her years-long battle with OCD, depression, ADHD and Tourette Syndrome.

Pons wasn’t sure what to expect, but was met with overwhelming support from followers who related to her story.

“I saw so many responses saying, ‘I have this too. It feels so good to open up. We’re not alone,” she told StyleCaster. “It’s comments like these that made me wonder what people who are not famous and are just regular people who I don’t even know are doing and how they feel.”

This thought led her to launch her podcast, Best Kept Secrets, which premiered on Aug. 19. Pons invites anonymous callers to share their deepest and darkest secrets, and she tries her best to give them advice. She created it this way because she remembered the feeling of relief after finally telling her story and feeling free, and wanted other people to experience it too in a judgement-free zone.

Although Pons acts as a soundboard and gives people advice, she is also very aware that she’s not a therapist, and always encourages callers to seek professional help if necessary. 

"Sembrando Esperanza"

Spotify put together a playlist of “canciones que sirven de antídoto,” (songs that serve as an antidote) called “Sembrando Esperanza,” full of tracks in Spanish and English for the purpose of finding calm during the pandemic.

The playlist includes “Amor En Cuarentena,” by Raquel Sofía, the Spanglish version of “If The World Was Ending,” by JP Saxe and Evaluna Montaner, and “Antídoto,” by Ivy Queen.

It also included the song “Color Esperanza 2020,” a Sony Music Latin collaboration of multiple Latinx artists to benefit the Pan American Health Organization and its COVID-19 relief efforts throughout the Americas.

Spotify has gathered data to highlight the most-streamed cities and ages when it comes to the launch of these Latinx wellness podcasts and playlists.

Miami, Los Angeles and Houston are the most-streamed cities, and it’s clear that U.S listeners are tuning to their Latinx icons to maintain their well-being during this health crisis.



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