Gabriela Berrospi, Latino Wall Street founder.
Gabriela Berrospi, founder of the Latino Wall Street movement, is one of 10 honorees. Photo: @gabywallstreet.

HITN honors 10 Latinas who make major impacts in their communities

The 10 honorees will feature on the series 'Voices' in honor of Women's History Month.


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The Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN), the nation's leading Spanish-language source for educational and cultural programming, recently unveiled its inaugural 'Latinas de Impacto' list, spotlighting a group of 10 women who are making a mark through achievement, inspiring leadership, and positive impact on others.

In honor of Women's History Month, HITN has produced the Voices short-form video series that will air throughout March on HITN-TV and the HITNGo app. Each video offers a look into the life and work of each of the honorees, highlighting their unique accomplishments and the challenges they have overcome on the road to success.

Erika Vogt-Lowell, director of Programming and Acquisitions for HITN, noted:

Latinas are a driving force behind positive change and progress in today's society. From politics to entertainment, business to activism, they are making a difference and inspiring others to do the same.

The power of Latina leaders

Highlighting how Latinas are a fast-growing segment of women entrepreneurs, running nearly 2 million businesses in the United States, HITN cited a pair of studies showing how Latinas make up one of the fastest-growing women populations in the country, with close to 30 million women. It is estimated that by 2060, one in three women in the U.S. will be Latina.

In addition to the video series, HITN also launched an online site dedicated to showcasing the inspirational stories and achievements of the honorees. The site will serve as a resource for viewers to learn more about the remarkable women and the impact they are making in their respective fields, while also gaining information on how they can get involved and support the causes these women are passionate about.

"We are thrilled to be able to recognize these incredible women and their contributions to society for Women’s History Month. Their stories are a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and perseverance in achieving success and giving back to their community. We are honored to be able to share their stories with the world and inspire others to follow in their footsteps,” added Vogt-Lowell.

The honorees

The inaugural list features a group of honorees who come from a variety of different backgrounds, industries and professions, and is intended to represent the rich diversity of talent from across the continental United States and Puerto Rico.

HITN's 2023 Impact Latinas are:

  1. Ana Flores: A champion and community builder for Latina content creators since the early days of the blogging movement, Flores is the founder and co-CEO of #WeAllGrow Latina, the first network of Latina influencers founded in 2010 with a mission to elevate the voices and stories of Latinas through the power of community. Today, #WeAllGrow has evolved into the go-to community for Latinas driving social and economic impact. Forbes named the company’s annual #WeAllGrow Summit one of the “19 Conferences Every Creative Should Attend.”
  2. Anne Marie León: A former marketing and communications executive who pivoted to become a family content creator. León’s daily content reaches over 137,000 people on social media. Her platform, Miami con Hijos, inspires parents with fun activities and events to create memorable moments. She also hosts local events for entrepreneurial moms to showcase their businesses, demonstrating her commitment to supporting and uplifting families in her community.
  3. Carmen Lydia Pichardo: An unwavering supporter of early childhood development, Pichardo has devoted her life to empowering young children. One of her accomplishments is founding Party with Ms. P, an enrichment program that utilizes education and fitness activities to motivate and empower children in South Florida.
  4. Dr. Rosa Vásquez Espinoza: A chemical biologist, storyteller, National Geographic Explorer, conservationist, and award-winning artist. As a researcher, Dr. Vásquez Espinoza focuses on deciphering our planet's chemical and genetic diversity to facilitate the discovery of new medicines, bioremediation tools, and biotechnological solutions in collaboration with local experts.
  5. Gabriela Berrospi: Founder of the Latino Wall Street movement offering financial education in Spanish to thousands of members worldwide through in-person seminars, online courses, and membership programs. Her mission is to eradicate poverty and create generational wealth for the Latino community, enabling them to contribute more to their families and communities and achieve a better world together.
  6. Jimena Domínguez: At just 13 years old, Domínguez is a rising star in rhythmic gymnastics. She has earned numerous awards at prestigious local, state, regional, and national championships in the United States. In 2022, she was admitted into Venezuela's rhythmic gymnastics national team and won first as part of Venezuela's Juniors Team at the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  7. Luz María Doria: As the Vice President and Emmy-award-winning Executive Producer of Univision's popular morning show Despierta America, Doria is one of the most influential Hispanic television executives in the United States. She is also an accomplished author whose best-selling books, including La Mujer de Mis Sueños (The Woman of My Dreams), Tu Momento Estelar (Your Shining Moment), and El Arte de No Quedarte con las Ganas (The Art of Not Staying with the Desire), have inspired and motivated countless women to follow their dreams and stand in their power.
  8. María Gabriela Hoch: Internationally-acclaimed author and motivational speaker known for her work in women's empowerment, leadership, and mentoring. Hoch founded WE Evolution, a global nonprofit based in South Florida, to inspire women to unleash their full potential through personal growth programs involving mentoring, coaching, and networking. She also authored Diario de una Mujer Vital, a book about empowerment and leadership.
  9. Nathalie Quintero: An aerospace engineer playing a crucial role in the next chapter of space exploration. Quintero is leading operations for NASA’s Artemis 2 mission which plans to send the Orion spacecraft over the Lunar surface and then return to Earth in a maximum of 21 Earth days. Her responsibilities include leading and supervising the Core Stage 1 operations team, the centerpiece of the Orion spacecraft that will be manned by four astronauts.
  10. Yugle Rivas: A child clinical psychologist founder of PsicoCoachKids, where she seeks to promote healthy parenting styles that contribute to the well-being of children. Rivas advocates for conscious parenting and educates parents, educators, and child and adolescent development professionals on positive ways of relating to children that foster emotional intelligence and responsible caregiver roles.

“We believe that every woman has the power to make a positive impact in her community, no matter how big or small her actions may seem. Our goal is to be a source of motivation for women everywhere to embrace their unique strengths and take action towards creating a better world for themselves and those around them,” said Laura Masnatta, executive producer for HITN.

To learn more about the honorees and view their video profiles, click here.


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