Atlanta Braves win 2021 World Series
A new edition of the Fall Classic ended with an unexpected outcome for bettors. Photo: MLB.

How much money do World Series winners get?

While the league's top-grossing teams didn't make this Fall Classic, it was still an exciting series.


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With a series that initially had the Houston Astros as the favorites to win over the Atlanta Braves, over the course of the series, it was the latter who managed to impose their own rhythm at-bat and win the fourth crown in their history. The last time the Braves reached a World Series before 2021 was 1995.

In addition to designating Cuban Jorge Soler as the Most Valuable Player of the series, who matched the mark for the most home runs in a postseason with three, is that the Braves also became the first team to win title away from home in eight years — since the 2013 Red Sox.

Prize money breakdown

Although the exact amount the winners of the MLB World Series will receive has not yet been officially revealed, what is clear is that the prize they will pocket is the total of the "Player's Pool," which consists of the aggregate money of all ticket sales during the playoffs.

The Braves, who won their first title in 26 years, take the majority of the fund (35%) back to Atlanta, where they will distribute the total amount between the players and the coaching staff. This, as is customary in MLB, was decided before the start of the World Series, and while the winners take most of the money, the other teams that made it to the postseason will also receive a significant cut.

How much is a ring worth?

One of the seasons when the most money was distributed among the teams was in 2018, as the Red Sox took home $31 million after being crowned winners of that World Series. Each player received an average of $400,000 and took home a championship ring valued at $20,000.

For their part, the players of the losing teams still took home $259,000 each.

A $60 million pot

Without official confirmation, the sports portal Sportscriber, estimates that the Braves will take a bag of $35 million, including $441,000 from the "Player's Pool." For their part, the "losers" will be left with $24 million in prizes.


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