Colombian beach.
The biodiversity of Colombia is one of the protagonists. Photo: Pixabay.

Lonely Planet presents its annual “Best in Travel” list

Several Latin American countries are on this list of top destinations for 2023.


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The tourist guide company presented its 18th selection in which, unlike previous editions, it divided destinations into five different categories: eat, learn, travel, relax, and connect.

Lonely Planet stands out on its website:

We hope this year's roster helps you navigate the world in the way that's most meaningful to you - through recommendations from the local voices who know these places best.

How is the List Made?

For the selection of these destinations, Lonely Planet contacts its extensive network of partners around the world and asks them to nominate destinations they think should be on the list.

Already shortlisted, Lonely Planet HQ editors begin asking more questions, working with their sources, and narrowing down the choices to the 30 destinations that make the November list.

Nitya Chambers, executive editor and senior vice president of content at Lonely Planet, defines the perfect destination as "expected but unexpected."

Lonely Planet began in 1972 after Maureen and Tony Wheeler traveled from the UK to Australia and subsequently published a guide to recreating their overland adventure.

Latin America on the List

In the category of "eating" appears Peru, where several of the restaurants in Lima have been internationally recognized.

“Best known for its cevicherías and Pisco cocktails, Lima is a gastronomical delight centuries in the making, The perfect place for fresh seafood and to explore Peruvian cuisine, this destination should top every foodie’s travel list,” said Lonely Planet.

For its part, Uruguay offers a cuisine that, although not as popular as Peru's, stands out with dishes such as roasted steaks, dulce de leche and yerba mate. It has also recently been recognized as an excellent and affordable wine destination.

On Montevideo, it revealed: “With improved airlinks on the way, it should be easier than ever to get to this diverse South American country in 2023. Enhanced access will catapult Montevideo’s laid-back beaches and under-the-radar food and wine scene will top travel wish lists.”

Colombia makes its appearance on the list in the "travel" category thanks to its more than 50 natural parks, where you can appreciate everything, from jungle ecosystems to paradisiacal beaches.

“From the beauty of the beaches of Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona to the peaks of Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados, Colombia’s 59 protected natural areas are a must for nature lovers. Along with protecting some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world, 26 of these areas are also inhabited by indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities,” highlighted Lonely Planet.

In turn, regarding El Salvador, which is included in the "learn" category, it expresses: “Rejuvenated and forward looking, there is a momentum building in this stunningly beautiful Central American country. El Salvador's idyllic beaches are catching the attention of professional surfers from around the world. The country is quietly becoming the place where those in the know come to catch waves and hone their surfing skills.”

For the full list of 30 destinations, click here.


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