Painting workshop at Filbo 2023.
Inclusion and diversity at the Fair. Photo: @FILBogota.

Roger Ycaza, Ecuadorian artist and musician at Filbo 2023

During his visit to the Fair, he surprised with his workshops focused on illustration for children and young people.


"Plantains And Our Becoming"

Pedro & Daniel YA novel

Honoring Gabo's Legacy

'Plátanos are love'

Folklore children's book


In addition to presenting his new book 'Diez canciones infinitas' within the framework of the 35th edition of the Bogotá International Book Fair, the writer took part in a series of didactic activities with which he sought to maintain contact with his public and reach new audiences.

Ycaza noted:

You have to work very honestly, trying to be transparent with what you want to transmit; leaving aside pretentiousness and —rather— know exactly who you are reaching or who you want to reach.

The Future of Illustration 

The artist and musician, whose presence at Filbo 2023 was thanks to the alliance with the Embassy of Ecuador in Colombia, highlighted how the demand and supply of illustrators is on the rise due to the growth of the children's and youth literature sector.

Ycaza indicates that the fact of producing books for boys and girls is related to writing for the future itself, and that is why he seeks to give them the best possible tools that are not necessarily the same as those for adults.

"Illustrating for boys and girls is illustrating for the future," said Ycaza.

The Ecuadorian expressed that his thematic inspiration is related to memories, the passage of time and memory, while pointing out that his favorite techniques are acrylic, Chinese ink, and digital

Those are the elements that I try to capture in the works that I do,” added Ycaza.

About Ycaza

The illustrator, who participated in the FILBo in different conversations and gave illustrators a workshop on the differences when designing their own book and one of an artist, as part of the Professional Conferences of the fair, is recognized for having received multiple awards, among which the Cuatro Gatos Foundation Award (2014 and 2021) and the White Ravens (2016 and 2019) stand out.

Roger Ycaza has spent years building his life under the lens of art. Through music, writing, and illustration, he tells stories for children, youth, and adults; he gives voice to diversity of experiences and makes experimentation a way. Ycaza confesses that he admires the honesty with which children see the world and that is why he enjoys creating for them,” highlighted the literary magazine Libros & Letras.

His work is present in bookstores and libraries in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Chile, Peru, the United States, and his native Ecuador.


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