Audience at Festival Gabo in Bogotá, Colombia.
“The biggest festival of journalism, citizenship and culture in Latin America.” Photo: @FestivalGabo.

The 11th edition of the Gabo Festival is near

The event celebrates the best stories of Hispanic America, and will take place from June 30 to July 2.


Pedro & Daniel YA novel

June 28th, 2023

'Plátanos are love'

June 8th, 2023


Organized by the Gabo Foundation, the eleventh edition of the Festival seeks, in addition to keeping alive the legacy of Colombian Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez, to promote the art of storytelling as a means to promote active citizens capable of transforming their reality.

Created in 1996, the Gabo Foundation extends a new invitation sharing a message to:

Inhabit stories, recognize them as that meeting point where multiple voices, realities, forms of expression and visions of the craft of storytelling coexist and cooperate, and build between all a story that brings us closer to the world we dream of seeing.

A Meeting in Colombia’s Capital

Set to take place from June 30 to July 2, the venue for this new version of the Gabo Festival will be Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, whose network of public libraries has been set up to be part of this celebration of Spanish-speaking stories.

Highlighting how this 11th edition seeks to bring together the best storytellers in Latin America, the Festival offers a meeting space to try to build a collective and creative discourse that embraces diversity as a fundamental factor to enrich the discussion.

Likewise, the Festival continues to advocate for the rights of others and highlighting differences as a factor that offers unity and contributes to the transformations that have been incorporated into the craft of storytelling.

“We invite you to join us to unite your story with that of others and build together a story that connects us, represents us and helps us to have broader perspectives, because only in this way we will become active citizens, freer and happier,” highlights the organization of the Festival through its manifesto.

Click here for the full schedule.


Among the list of speakers who will attend the event, the festival organizers have highlighted, among others, the following guests:

Jon Lee Anderson — Gabo Award Governing Council Member

He began his career as a journalist in Peru in 1979 as a member of the weekly magazine, The Lima Times, and since then has specialized in Latin American political issues and various modern conflicts, including those in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq.

He has developed a school on how to write profiles, having done those of important world personalities, such as Fidel Castro, Gabriel García Márquez, Augusto Pinochet, King Juan Carlos I of Spain and Hugo Chávez.

He is currently part of the permanent staff of The New Yorker magazine, and has been a teacher at the Gabo Foundation since the year 2000. His most recent works include profiles of Evo Morales, Jaír Bolsonaro and Gabriel Boric.

He has published the books: Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life (1997); The Lion's Grave: War Reports from Afghanistan (2002); The fall of Baghdad (2004); The dictator, the demons and other chronicles (2009); The colonial inheritance and other curses: Chronicles of Africa (2012); and The Years of the Spiral: Chronicles of Latin America (2020), among others.

Leila Guerrero — Gabo Award Governing Council Member

The work of the Gabo Foundation's chronicler is published in various media through Latin America and Spain, such as La Nación and Rolling Stone, from Argentina; El País, from Spain; Gatopardo, from Mexico; The Mercury, from Chile. In addition, she directs the Mirada Crónica collection, from Tusquets Argentina.

She is the author of the books 'The Suicides at the End of the World,’ 'Strange Fruits,’ 'American Plan,’ 'A Simple Story,’ 'Work Zone,’ 'Opus Gelber' and 'Theory of Gravity.’ Her work has been translated into English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Polish.

Pedro Borjes

He was part of the Profissão Reporter team. He is a reporter for Jornal da Noite, on TV Band, the result of a partnership between the station and Alma Preta.

Graduated from UNESP, he is part of the Camisa Verde e Branco samba school. Winner of the Jabuti Award in 2020 in the Arts category.

Luciana Peker

The journalist and writer specializing in gender is also the author of the books 'Putita Golosa, por un feminismo del goce' (Editorial Galerna); 'Sex me, love and sex in the era of desiring women;’ 'The Revolution of the daughters' (Editorial Planeta) translated into French as 'La Révolution des filles' (Editions Des Femmes). She also wrote 'The Women's Revolution Wasn't Just a Pill' and 'Railroad Women, Life Experiences on Rails.’

She is currently a columnist for the Infobae news portal. She collaborates with La Diaria (Uruguay) where she created the 'Las Bravas' section. He wrote for 20 years in the Las/12 supplement, from Página 12. He was also a columnist for The New York Times, Washington Post, El País, elDiario.Es, Pikara, Nueva Sociedad, La Marea, Yo Donna, Anfibia, Veintitres, and Crítica.

Diana Collazos

Indigenous communicator of the Nasa del Norte People of the department of Cauca. For 10 years she has accompanied the community communication process within her territory, involved in different organizational dynamics.

She was part of the ACIN Communication Fabric, accompanying the Liberation of Mother Earth spaces in northern Cauca in her exercise as a communicator. She studied Own Communication at the Autonomous Indigenous and Intercultural University UAIIN, she participated in the Viva Voz Scholarship of the Memoria organization, in alliance with the Truth Commission and is currently accompanying the CRIC communications program.

Jim C. Nedd

He was born in 1991. He is an artist who works predominantly with photography and music.

His work has been exhibited at Macro, Rome; Mambo, Bogota; District Cinematheque, Bogota; Autoitalia, London; Damien & The Love Guru, CFA, Milan; the Athens Biennale, Athens; Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin; the Liverpool Biennale, Liverpool and Sandy Brown, Berlin. His work has also been published in Aperture, Vogue IT, Kaleidoscope and Rivista Studio.

Nedd has also worked extensively with fashion brands such as Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and Prada.

Click here to see the complete list of guests.

"Schedule now to live the biggest festival of journalism, citizenship and culture in Latin America!" highlights the Gabo Festival.


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